In Closing.


From reading through the last few pages you will see the range of organizations that have to be informed as maters progress, itís often a slow progress and more than once I felt that I was going around in circles. 

One of the biggest problems can be the fact that you are trying to deal with emotional events that are overwhelming you without the added problems of having to deal with so many other organizations. Be prepared to dig your heals in when it comes to dealing with the letters and forms you will receive. Do not take for granted demands been made by organizations such as councils and government departments, do not part with money straight away when they demand it, check first! As an example one of the matters I had to deal with concerned state pensions.


4 months after mumís death I received a letter from state pensions demanding £90.00 back due to an overpayment on her retirement pension. Following a phone call to the relevant office  this was duly cancelled, one week latter I received a cheque for £300.00 it turned out that there had been an underpayment not an overpayment.


It can be a great help if you can find someone to talk matters over with who is outside the family, often a different view of events unfolding can give you new insight into dealing with matters.


Your doctor may be able to offer advice or arrange counselling.


Let people help you if they offer, if can help to take off some of the pressure.


It will slowly get better, but it takes a long time. An old saying is that time heals; focus on the happy times they will always be with you.   


Let your beliefs guide you and comfort you in your time of need.




At some point in life we all lose someone close to us, this can be a very traumatic time for those involved. The follow few pages are aimed as a guide to some of the things you will come across when dealing with bereavement. It is not a definitive guide but notes on things I encountered which I hope will be of help to others.