Other people in the loop. 



Will have to be informed in regard to rates and any benefits being received by the deceased. The sooner this is done the better as they will continue to claim rates or pay out benefits until notified. Delays could well result in a demand for repayment of moneys.  


Banks/ Building society.

Will need to be informed as to the death, again original copies of the death certificates will be needed.


Pension providers.

Both state pension and any private pension providers will need to be informed. Do not expect things to move to quickly, in my case it took 4 months to clear everything up and that was a straight forward case.


Utility companies.

Gas, water, electric; telephone will all need to be informed if the death leads to a change of person who pays the bills.



Did the deceased belong to any clubs? Are there any subscriptions to papers/magazines that need to be cancelled? Private medical insurances that need to be cancelled?




At some point in life we all lose someone close to us, this can be a very traumatic time for those involved. The follow few pages are aimed as a guide to some of the things you will come across when dealing with bereavement. It is not a definitive guide but notes on things I encountered which I hope will be of help to others.