Once such things were dealt with by the local agent who would call around check policies and return within a couple of days with the payout, which was very handy when it came to paying people such as the undertaker. Today itís much more likely to be done by post or on-line and you can expect it to take up to a month or more to get the money. Insurance companies will need to see original copies of the death certificates, again hence the need for more than one copy from the registerís office. Items like the certificates will be returned when finished with.



Did the deceased leave a will? Was it with a solicitor? If so they will guide you as to procedure. In my case it was a simple will and was dealt with quickly but if property is involved or there are larger amounts of money involved it could take some time. Again this is a task to be undertaken by the executor.



May be needed depending on the size of the estate, I can not give any advice on this however the family solicitor or county council offices will be able to supply this  information to you.




At some point in life we all lose someone close to us, this can be a very traumatic time for those involved. The follow few pages are aimed as a guide to some of the things you will come across when dealing with bereavement. It is not a definitive guide but notes on things I encountered which I hope will be of help to others.