Funeral Arrangements.

This is a subject that families rarely seem to want to discuss, however it can be a great help if you know what the departed wanted in the way of arrangements, is it to be a burial or cremation? Do you know if any prior arrangements had been made? Is there to be a church service or just a service at the crematorium? Your chosen undertaker will guide you though the process, you will need to pay “up front” for some items such as the burial/cremation site charges and the minister (do you wish someone from a local church? The undertakers can arrange for a minister if you have no one in mind). You will have to decide on such things as type of coffin, how many official cars you wish to hire, do you wish the body to be placed in the chapel of rest, will you want a headstone? All items that quickly add up the cost... The remaining (and largest part) of the bill will normally need to be paid within a week or so of the service, late payment can lead to interest being charged.



Do you wish people to send flowers? Today a lot of families prefer a donation to a charity and keep flowers to the nearest members of the family. Florists will need the details of the undertaker and date/time of service so that the flowers can be placed in time


Notices in local papers.

 Again this is a mater of personal choice. Local papers have announcement columns were you can inform people of the death, do expect to pay for this service. Even a simple announcement can cost up to £40.00.





At some point in life we all lose someone close to us, this can be a very traumatic time for those involved. The follow few pages are aimed as a guide to some of the things you will come across when dealing with bereavement. It is not a definitive guide but notes on things I encountered which I hope will be of help to others.