My  Story

Hello and welcome to this my personal guide on bereavement matters. By way of an introduction my name is Mike and in October 2007 I returned from work to find my mother had passed away. This was without warning, we had spoken on the phone only a few hours before, and it is imposable to describe the level of shock this caused both to myself and surrounding family. Over the next few weeks I came to realise how little knowledge and information I had in regard to dealing with the situation I was in. As things slowly straitened out a friend made a comment about developing a website as a guide for others, at first it I gave it no thought but now time has moved on and I feel that others may make use of the information I found out. This is a log of the people and organizations I found myself dealing with, in each case of bereavement things will be different depending on the circumstancesí surrounding the events. However some of the following notes may be of use to you.


At some point in life we all lose someone close to us, this can be a very traumatic time for those involved. The follow few pages are aimed as a guide to some of the things you will come across when dealing with bereavement. It is not a definitive guide but notes on things I encountered which I hope will be of help to others.